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There are Several Types of Greenhouse Technologies such as 
Vertical Hydroponics, NFT, Organic Soil, Aeroponics etc 
We Customize a Turn Key Project to Meet Your Needs


Allow Our Team of Experts to Source a Technologically Advanced Climate Controlled Vertical Hydroponic Farm to Meet Your Market and Financial Requirements.


We deliver Turnkey Greenhouse Projects That Require Minimal Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

All You Need Is Land, Power and a Water Source

Profitable Turnkey Projects Start at USD $65,000 (20' Turn Key Containers)  to Multimillion Dollar Investments

USDA Certified Organic Systems Available

We Provide Pre-Delivery Market Research To Ensure Profitability  

 Stringent Quality Control Checks From Our Engineering Team To Certify Durability 

  Business and Technical Support Provided After Delivery  

Customized Projects Are Sourced From Our Partners Across North America And Asia       



We specialize in Shipping Container Vertical Hydroponic Farms

Projects Are Designed To Adapt To Any Environment

Scalable Projects to Maximize Your ROI

Increase Production Capacity To Meet The Demand Instantly!




 A Patent Pending Automation System is Currently Under Development to Provide Accessible Fresh Produce at a Minimal Cost

Automation will Address Challenges Posed By Location, Labor Skill and Labor Shortages 

Vizva Partners Will Have Early Discounted Access To Our Technology


We Are Looking For Business Partners Instead of Customers

All Projects Involve a Pre-Approval Process in Order To Ensure Mutual Success

 Cash in Selling Greens!

Toll Free  Numbers:
   1 8333 000 588
   1 8668 573 999